About Us  

Shiva Sakthi Caterers was established to provide catering services events for years, from weddings to birthdays to receptions and much much. We offer you our full-range of outdoor Catering services covers complete food preparation and presentation for formal or informal gatherings plus all setup, cleanup, teardown and as-requested amenities.

We have Delicious and remarkable food that meets the highest standards of quality, freshnes. We will provide healthy & Tasty foods with hygenic.

And we are having separate specalised cooks for each and individual menu items. It is one of our strength and also we are not compromising on quality and service. We are doing catering for the following auspicious functions.

Shiva Sakthi Caterers is well known for providing its clients with a variety of new menus and bringing in new cuisine and exotic culinary trends. This has helped up blossom into the limelight and gain international acceptance, from being a local provider. In short,Shiva Sakthi Caterers has brought more smiles to the table, as the unseen ingredient, than food it serves...

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